Will Purcell (PRO BULL RIDER)  
A true gentleman. Working with Will Purcell was an easy decision, we look for great athletes but they also need to be well grounded and good characters. Will ticks all the boxes. When this lad straddles a bull, you know it's going to be one hell of a show!!! He has claimed the honour of Canadian Bull Riders Champion and Apra Pro Rodeo Australia Tittle!!! Will is currently riding the Pro Bull Rider circuit. We are excited to see Will climb the ranks on his mission for global dominance this year after already having some great bull rides early in the year.
Follow Will on Instagram - @will_purcell1993, Facebook - @Will Purcell 
Karl Herman (WAKEBOARDER) 
This lad is the perfect example of what Kinxton Caw means, whether it’s wakeboarding, skydiving or cruising around on his Harley wasting not one day. Karl is innovative in his approach to trying new things. In partnership with Kinxton Caw it has allowed us to develop unique media content. 
With a super positive and attitude he has been amazing to work with and we look forward to what the future brings with more of his out of the box ideas.
Follow Karl on Instagram - @karl202088, Facebook - @Karl Herman
Reid Battye (MOTO)
Reid has raced in the  Australian Super Bike category in the Super Sport 300 Production Championship also racing overseas in Asia Talent Cup Championship and a short stint in europe testing the waters.
Reid caught our attention with his enthusiasm and skill in his sport. His drive to succeed at the highest level in his sport and make a name for himself is shown through his forward thinking in how he can better himself as an athlete. With a few wins already to his name and only being so young and keen to learn we at Kinxton Caw are excited to see what his future holds.
Follow Reid on Instagram - @reidbattye33,  Facebook - @Reid Battye
Liam Fleer (FMX) 
Based in Bowen, Queensland, Fleery lives a laid back lifestyle in a beautiful part of the country. He has a sick little compound out his backdoor and a foam pit outside the kitchen window. Fleery is known for throwing down whips to match the sports best. He rides in FMX Shows around the region, cruising through life with a carefree attitude and some silky skills on a dirt bike.
Follow Liam on Instragram @fleer_rtd and on FaceBook Liam Fleer
Brodie Carmichael (FMX)
Brodie comes from a small farm near Drake NSW, he has competed in the Nitro World Games in Salt Lake City throwing down a Superman Seatgrab Front Flip.
Brodie is an innovator of the sport with three World Firsts tricks to his name. His most recent was a Superman Seat Grab Front Flip which earnt him fifth place at Nitro World Games with some very stiff competition. This compliments his other two World Firsts the Frontflip Heel Clicker and the Frontflip Superman. Brodie excels in the FMX world due to his strong mental belief that he can achieve the seemingly impossible.
Follow Brodie on Instagram - @brodie257, Facebook - @Brodie Carmichael FMX
This little bundle of awesomeness is a super talented young lady who shredds on anything with a board involved, also playing Womens Aussie Rules footy the world is literally at her feet with soo much talent in whatever she throws her hands at. 
Follow Mia on Instagram - @miaprince07
Megan Johnson (FMX)
This little legend has it sorted on and off the bike, with an interested open approach to life and the different philosophys she comes across, Megan is constantly working on her mindset to give her more of an advantage on the bike and with life in general. This girl is a Waste Not One Day purist, fully comprehending what a WNOD lifestyle is and fully understanding just how important it is to live a fulfilled life.
Follow Megan on Instagram - @meganjohnson443, Facebook - @Megan Johnson
Amber Enright (MOTO & LIFE COACH)
Amber Enright is a busy lady inspiring the masses on and off her bike, showing everyone in the flesh how far you can go if you put your mind to something, this girl jumped 100ft on her dirt bike this year and from seeing her 3 years ago its mind blowing to see the transformation. Amber is on a mission to empower women around the world to believe in themselves and take action on all of their wildest dreams. Amber has also started a pod cast called "Just Your Average Girl Podcast" we highly reccomend you tune in and give it a listen!!!
Follow Amber on Instagram - @a_enright93, Facebook - @Amber Enright

Liam Walton (STUNTRIDER)
Where do we start here.... Just by looking at this photo above we think you will appreciate just how difficult sending a Harley into a wheelie like this would be. Liam has raw talent on a harley and a big set of plumbs to go with it. We're very excited to see what content we can create together this year to entertain you all.
Follow Liam on Instagram - @washedupwalton
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