Brodie Carmichael (FMX)
Our most decorated athlete at KC, Brodie comes from a small farm in NSW but that hasn't stopped him competing on the big stage against the worlds best. Carmichael competed in the Nitro World Games in Salt Lake City throwing down and landing a worlds first Superman Seatgrab Front Flip.
Brodie is an innovator of the sport with three World Firsts tricks to his name. The other two daring feats are the Front Flip Heel Clicker and Front Flip Superman!!! Brodie excels in the FMX world due to his strong mental belief that he can achieve the seemingly impossible. To watch him go out and achieve the impossible repeatedly is an inspiration for us and a strong reason why we wanted Brodie to be apart of the KC family. We look forward to watching him blow the world away with his relentless drive and talent on a dirt bike!!!
Catch Brodie at - IG @brodie257
Amber Enright (MOTO & LIFE COACH)
Amber Enright is a busy lady inspiring the masses on and off her bike, showing everyone in the flesh how far you can go if you put your mind to something. Amber may look cute and innocent but don't be fooled, she's been known to get down and dirty sending her dirt bike 100ft at Gap Creek.... Yep that's right WOW!!! Seeing how far Amber has come in business and bikes is mind blowing considering she has only put them as a main priority in the last 3 years. Amber is on a mission to empower women around the world to believe in themselves and take action on all of their wildest dreams.
You can catch Amber at - @amberlenedalanoneenright
Karl Herman (WAKEBOARDER) 
Karl is the perfect example of what Kinxton Caw stands for, you never know where this ball of awesomeness will turn up next, be it wakeboarding, skydiving, BASE jumping, Transmoto's, Completing Triathlons or cruising around on his Harley you will see him Wasting Not One Day!!! Karl is innovative in his approach to trying new things, he has explained to us his goals clearly on many occasions and every single time he has hit the mark!!! In signing Karl with Kinxton Caw it has allowed us to develop EPICLY unique media content on a regular basis.
With a ridiculously positive go get it attitude he has been amazing to work with and we can't wait to help bring more of his out of the box ideas to life!!! You're a legend Herman. You can catch Karl at- IG @karl202088
Will Purcell (PRO BULL RIDER)  
A true gentleman. Working with Will Purcell was an easy decision, we look for great athletes but they also need to be well grounded and good characters. Will ticks all the boxes. When this lad straddles a bull, you know it's going to be one hell of a show!!! He has claimed the honour of Canadian Bull Riders Champion and Apra Pro Rodeo Australia Tittle!!! Will is currently practicing in preparation of the world opening back up again and fixing his eyes on an Australian Pro Bull Riders Tittle. We are excited to see Will climb the ranks on his mission for global dominance, with this much talent the young man can't loose.
You can catch will at - @will_purcell1993
Josh Williams (WAKEBOARDER) 
Such a rad kid with a super positive outlook on life, Josh has not only blown us away with his ridiculous progression boarding but he's also played a pivotal role in teaching and inspiring the young groms around him to ride to their fullest potentials, the stoke really is real when you hang around this dude!!!
We can't wait to see all the good times unroll!!!
You can catch Josh at - IG @joshwilliamz 
Lauren Hilder (WAKEBOARDER) 
Straight up Loz is one of the best female wakeboarders in Australia!!!
At first impressions you wouldn't be any the wiser as she is such a chilled and humble chick to talk to. Last year Loz took out first prize in the female open class at the Rumble On The Reef in Mackay. With a big bag of tricks to her name and effortless style, when Loz is in the groove and feeling good, there's not many people who can knock her off the top spot. The only time Lauren struggles is when we send incompetent people out to film her for new releases and they crash directly into her on the first lap (Sorry Loz) haha. All in all this girl seriously rips on a board and we are very fortunate to have her apart of KC. 
You can catch Lauren at - IG @lozlet88

Lucas Hooper  (WAKEBOARDER) 
When we first noticed Lucas ripping around the Cable Park and saw the drive and determination he possessed at such a young age, we didn't hesitate to throw a shirt on him and lock Lucas in as a KC athlete!!! Lucas is also very fortunate that he has two very caring and committed parents who are backing him 100% in his pursuit of one day competing against the worlds best!!!
The sky really is the limit for this young man and we can't wait to watch it all unfold!!!
You can catch Lucas at - IG @lucas_hooper_wake
Brooke Davey (FMX)
Without a doubt the best female Freestyle Motocross rider in Australia!!! Brooke is a super kind and humble girl with a little bit of shy mixed in there, but when she puts her helmet on its hard to believe its the same girl riding haha. To watch Brooke fly her 125cc Yamaha through the sky off a standard comp ramp is something you need to see, boasting tricks like - Superman Seat Grabs, Supermans, Cliff Hangers, Whips and Nac Nacs just to name a few.
We were very fortunate to secure Brooke as a rider at KC and we look forward to an epic year ahead!!!
You can catch Brooke at - IG @brookeee.mb 
Luke Davey (FMX)
This guy is the real deal in FMX, Luke has been riding Freestyle motocross shows since he was 14 years of age. Luke still rides shows for Aussie FMX and is flawless at every turn leaving the crowds in awe of his technical and polished tricks. Luke's signature trick is the Ruler, what makes this so big is that he over extends it so much it looks more like a scorpion hanging from the top of his bike when its vertical!!!
You can catch Lukey and his massive rulers at - IG @lukedaveyfmx
Deno Astwood (BMX)
When we first saw this young Kiwi Kid in action we were absolutely blown away and still are to this day!!!
Whether its jumping the family car on his BMX, clearing an entire skate bowl on his mini bike, putting together heavy technical runs on big dirt sections, skydiving at a crazy young age or just his general lack of fear in everything he attempts Deno Astwood never ceases to amaze us. Deno is one of the most talented young kids we have seen ride a BMX!!!
It's written in the stars that this kid will achieve his wildest dreams and more!!!
You can catch Deno at - IG @deno_astwood 
One of those kids that's good at everything!!! Hemi is an academic as well as an athlete, to watch his timing and coordination on a Wake Board is second to none, with bucket loads of talent we're not exactly 100% sure what his best sport is as there's to many to pick from. Hemi has a great rapport within the community and with his peers, we absolutely love his attitude as you only need to spend a few minutes with Hemi and you will feel his uplifting energy immediately. Hemi fits the brand like a glove and we look forward to seeing which avenue he fully chooses to follow as of right now the worlds at his feet. You can catch Hemi at - IG @hemi_heke 
Kurt Cooper (SKYDIVER)
Our very own eagle on the team, this young man looks more comfortable hurtling through the atmosphere at terminal velocity than he does walking to the plane. Whether he's flying upside down, on his back, standing up or dragging his arse across water at 60mph Kurt Cooper looks cool as a cucumber the entire time. To see the amount of time and effort Kurt has put into his flying technique and canopy skills all whilst being injured over the past 6 months has been impressive to watch. This is the sort of drive and attitude we love and why we wanted Kurt on the team!!! We're very much looking forward to many film days with this legend!!!
You can catch Kurt at - @kurt_cooper 
Cordell Rogerson (MOTO)
We met this young man on tour and we were immediately taken by his mature, driven demeanour for such a young kid. A very talented youngster with big dreams of sliding his motorcycle around the world stage and not only competing against the best in the world, but DOMINATING the best in the world. With a strong supportive family backing Cordell we can say 100% we believe he will bring his dreams into reality when the world opens back up again. We can't wait to see you shine overseas mate!!!
You can catch Cordell at - IG @crr_63
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