Brody Booth

As Brody's Instagram states he is 'just havin' a crack' and by that we mean having a crack at motocross. With his committment to practicing the small things to pull off the big tricks. There is no wonder why Brody is already been working with some of the crew at Misled and Widebay FMX.



Anakin Rochford:

Young and keen to do whatever he can to live a life full of no regrets. Anakin is an up and coming wakerboarder that is always on the search for new tricks and sending it big. At only 16 years of age we're excited to see what his is going to pull off in 2019.




Peter Sampson

Sambo is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie which we often see in his skydiving antics. We can see why time management isn't his thing as his time is spent jumping from aeroplanes. With a number of jumps under his belt he is continually practicing to perfect his art in the sky.




Carissa is one our leading ladies making headlines in motocross riding. Currently riding in VETS & Womens division after recently turning 18. After many podiums in early 2018 she suffered a knee injury mid-year. So she has worked hard in rehab and is looking strong coming into the 2019 race season with a goal of chasing state titles. What motivates her to be better is striving for excellence which is something we can agree with.


AJ Berry

AJ's goal is to be inspired and inspire others and she is doing just that. Playing AFLW for BOND Uni and setting goals to make it to the big league. We have no doubt that we will be seeing her run around on the 'G' in no time. In the meantime we love seeing her push the limits in all aspects of life.



Jack Henderson

Bikes, cruisers, fishing and camping are his thing and getting out and enjoying each and every day is how he does it.


Kasey Ludeman

Kasey brings something a little different to the table for Kinxton Caw. She not only lives by the brands meaning by getting involved in every type of extreme sport that she has an opportunity too. She also has an eye for photography & filming meaning she is able to capture some of her antics along the way. She has a zest for life and is hungry to succeed in life.